Food Distribution

Four mornings a week, we welcome neighbors to our Food Choice Pantry so they can select groceries. The pantry runs Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9:30 – 12:00 pm, and on Fridays for seniors by appointment. All are welcome to come to our building, although there may be a wait to ensure every person has space and time to choose the foods they want. In lieu of money, every person who comes gets a point allotment they can use to “spend” in the store for their families and themselves.

Because food is medicine, we also partner with Esperanza Health Center! We send boxes of food to Esperanza, which they give to patients who can use it the most. 

If you are interested in coming to our food choice pantry, text “FOOD” to 866-551-1675 for updates and the latest information about events, timing, and changes. Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Social media handles are available at the bottom of this page!

To partner with us, email Mike

Support Services

We answer the door and do our best to be present with everyone we meet. The needs among our neighbors are great and while we don’t have the capacity to meet all of these needs, we work hard to connect neighbors to people and places who can. We are thankful for all the other great partner organizations in Philly, and to people around the world who support us as we support others – from making blankets, to fixing houses, and helping folks recover from addiction.

 To inquire about services, contact Maria.

Neighborhood Celebrations

Over the years, we’ve created sort of a liturgy of neighborhood celebrations that happen through the years. The holidays often bring us together – Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and then we have some of our own original events like our back to school party every Labor Day. Some of these festivities have hundreds of folks participating, so we are grateful for all your support – and we are thankful for a neighborhood that knows how to celebrate together.

Check out our neighborhood celebrations on our Instagram, or if you’re interested in partnering with us, email Caz.

Simple Way Scholars

In partnership with Eastern University, we offer the opportunity for young people who get connected with the TSW community to attend and excel in college and to equip students for this journey. We support scholarship recipients with the help necessary for success at Eastern University. It’s a gift to see young people from Philadelphia pursue their dreams with one less obstacle standing in their way. 

To learn more about supporting our scholars, email Caz.

The Simple Store

The Simple Store is one way we pursue sustainability as an organization. In addition to grassroots donations, we want to make sure we are generating a portion of our own income.

Every time you buy from our store, you are powering jobs and sustainability here in Kensington.

Check out the bookstore here – SimpleStore