In this new monthly offering, The Simple Way community is invited to explore different topics with Executive Director Caz Tod-Pearson and another conversational guest. 

07.29.22 || Mike Pearson

This month, Caz chats about boundaries with her husband and co-parent Mike Pearson. 

Caz and Mike have learned a lot about boundaries and capacity in their work together and separately, both in Philadelphia and in Atlanta.

06.28.22 || Jonny Rashid

This month, Caz chats about change with author and pastor Jonny Rashid.

Jonny Rashid is author of Jesus Takes a Side, which lays out the political demands of following Jesus and offers strategies for how to engage politics practically and prophetically—even if it means taking a side. He is also a father, husband, sports fan, home cook, and pastor at Circle of Hope, a local church community here in Philadelphia.